What Wedding Dresses Around the World Look Like

You are cordially invited to the wedding dress episode of “Around the World.” Great Big Story senior producer Beryl Shereshewsky talks to seven dressmakers in seven countries to learn about the special dresses they make for brides in their communities. The craftsmanship, tradition and love that goes into these gorgeous creations is truly amazing. Among the dresses featured: an elaborately beaded Native American southern Cheyenne buckskin dress from Oklahoma; a kente dress handwoven in red, yellow and green, the national colors of Ghana; and in Sweden, a traditional black taffeta folk wedding dress known as a vanga dress.

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This story is a part of our Human Condition series. Come along and let us connect you to some of the most peculiar, stirring, extraordinary, and distinctive people in the world.


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  1. The designer from Ghana is not correct. That is nonsense and ugly. Our wedding dress is the most beautiful but he can't saw . The bridal girls will not even wear that. Talkless a bride

  2. I'm sorry for how I come off, but they did that Liverpool girl dirty with her makeup 😭 They didn't even blend her contour and made her eyebrows unbelievably thick too, and she visibly looked super uncomfortable too 💀

  3. It's I get that dresses cab be nice. Dressup can be nice. And if you make a wow for life you should both to show others that you'r serious and because for many people that's an expression of joy dress up the best you can. That said the efforts put into that are just wrong. That's leaving the realm of decency into some form of waste? If you have that money at your wedding you could use it to furnish a room in a house at least. It's both wastefull spending of money and decadent.

  4. To all those married in healthy marriages you are blessed ❤ please be kind to your s/o and grateful for them. Let the small stuff go if you guys going through stuff work it out find a solution because a lot of us single people who do want marriage would love that opportunity.

  5. all dresses are so pretty, but dresses from ghana are so cute and different, I want a suite made from that specially weaved fabric

  6. Stopped watching as soon as Swedish woman said the crown was from the virgin Mary. Excuse me ma'am, where is the bible did it ever mention Mary wearing a crown or that the family acted like royalty? Jesus was a carpenter, they lived a very humbling life. He is the king of kings, Lord of lords but he lived very humbling life, the family was not a royal family, Mary was not a queen or princess, she did not wear a crown..cheese and rice..

  7. A quick note for the wedding dress for India. India is a diverse country of many peoples. Peoples of the south are vastly different in languages, culture, food and of course clothing. For the peoples in the South of India namely of Dravidian ancestry, pre-invasion, pre-colonialism, typically wear either the most pure, plain, natural cotton saree with a specific design representing the family clan, or pure silk sarees with gold and silver threads that are woven into specific designs, once again representing a specific family clan.

  8. I am half Swedish, half Tunisian. In Sweden there is a slight difference between the traditional clothes between the different regions when it comes to both male and female clothes. In Tunisia I would argue that although there is a difference between the male traditional clothes of different areas, the difference is even greater when it comes to female clothes. Sometimes they'll even differ between a city and a rural village that's about an hours drive away from each other.

  9. Beautiful, I love how you honoured all the designers, makers of global celebration of clothing. I love the love in this video. ❤thank ❤ you ❤

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