WEDDING PLANNING VLOG PT. 1 (sticky note board, DIY planner, guest list, engagement shoot outfits)

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WEDDING PLANNING VLOG PT. 1 (sticky note board, DIY planner, guest list, engagement shoot outfits)

s u b s c r i b e —
i n s t a g r a m —
a m a z o n – s t o r e f r o n t —
m e r c h —

w h a t ‘ s – t h i s – v i d e o – a b o u t ? — this is a WEDDING PLANNING PT. 1 (sticky note board, guest list, engagement shoot outfits, venue?!? & more)

f i l m i n g – e q u i p m e n t
✰ camera —

o u t f i t / j e w e l r y – l i n k s
✰ chunky gold hoops —
✰ cross dangling earrings —
✰ gold coin necklace —

e m a i l —

s u b – c o u n t — 173,504

f a q s
✰ how old are you? — 22 (birthday oct. 9th!)
✰ where do you go to college? — PLNU!
✰ what are you studying in college? — Child & Adolescent Development!
✰ what camera do you use? — Canon M50!
✰ where do you live? — San Diego, CA!
✰ what do you edit your vids on? — FCPx

I love you all so much!

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29 thoughts on “WEDDING PLANNING VLOG PT. 1 (sticky note board, DIY planner, guest list, engagement shoot outfits)

  1. Been binge watching your videos and figured I’d come to the first instead of skipping around, I just got engaged to my boyfriend of 8 years last month and I’m so addicted to wedding planning videos! Loving yours 🤩🫶🏻

  2. Congrats on your engagement! May I ask why you're choosing to get married this may as opposed to next year? Just seems so stressful! If it's just because y'all cant wait to be married that's so romantic 🙂

  3. Ooo girl!! I can’t imagine how stressful planning is for such a short time! I’ve been planning for my wedding in June 2023 and I’m already having a hard time finding vendors that aren’t booked 😭

  4. I’m getting married and I did a wedding binder it’s so easy to just carry the binder around and whatever papers the vendors give yoke I just put it in the binder. I love wedding planning videos so much to see how other brides are planning.

  5. Not engaged but me & my boyfriend are always talking about how we are gonna do the wedding and how much we wil spend im just getting prepared haha love it 💕

  6. By the way I don’t think it’s “hating” when people asked why you were getting married soon. It’s just a question many people didn’t know the answer as to why your plan was different than the “usual”. You didn’t have to explain it before but it helped understand where you and your fiancé were at in your relationship. I thought it was good to say as no one is hating on you at all just a question

  7. Girl😂 somehow my armpits sweat waterfalls while I’m literally just driving or standing. Lmk bout that Botox experience 😂😂 I’m 2/3 hours away from San Diego LETS GOOOOO 😂😂

  8. So happy for you girl! I can’t wait for the wedding 😍 I’m a year older than you and I’ve never even dated anyone, let alone gotten engaged lol 😂

  9. You and your soon to be husband I hope you guys have a happily ever after I want to see the engagement party , bachelorette party and the wedding ily Lauryn 🥰😍

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