Wedding Dress Trends (Vogue, Brides, The Knot and More)

It is forecast that there will be more than 2.5 million weddings in 2022. Not only is “bridal fashion” trending this year in every day street style but bridal trends are spanning further than ever. I myself am a blushing bride to-be but my year is 2023! Let’s get started in 2022 with the upcoming trends you’ll be seeing down the aisle versus the runway.

In today’s video I compare the top trend articles from Brides, The Knot, Harper’s Bazaar, Who What Wear and Cosmopolitan. We also take a deep dive into Vogue and follow along with one bride in particular! Hint the first trend is all about wearing 2-3 looks so hopefully this video inspires you to make the most out of your big day!

Ps. No matter the trends, what you think you should do and what your friends Auntie thinks promise me you will wear whatever the heck makes you feel AMAZING! The only true opinion that matters in this is yours! xo

Sending you all some love. Now let’s jump head first into the biggest wedding dress trends for 2022.

All of my love & congratulations!

00:00 Intro and Wedding Statistics for 2022 and 2023
01:19 The Second or Third Wedding Look
02:37 Wedding Dress Alternatives and The Wedding Suit
03:48 Romantic Wedding Dresses and Big Dress, Big Day Vibes
06:59 The Mini Wedding Dress
08:07 Square Neckline Wedding Dresses
08:52 High Neck and Mock Neck Wedding Dresses
10:19 Colourful and Floral Wedding Dresses
11:38 The Party Girl Wedding Dress
12:36 Corset Bodice Wedding Dresses
13:34 Sustainable Wedding Dresses and Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses
14:33 Minimal Wedding Dress
15:14 Bridal Accessories on Trend
15:30 What is coming next? And Congratulations!

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43 thoughts on “Wedding Dress Trends (Vogue, Brides, The Knot and More)

  1. I just found a GORGEOUS vintage wedding dress at a thrift store- I had a feeling I might find my dress, and viola! It fit like a glove. I removed some ruffles but other than that, it has a gorgeous beaded bodice with a V shaped waistline, illusion sleeves with lace on the ends and a lace collar- same neckline as Paris. The skirt is cross between a line and ball gown, it is made of tulle with some lace details. I literally feel like royalty in it and it only cost me $69. It’s costing me more to have it dry cleaned and preserved 😂 but yay I love this video, I was worried people might think my dress is outdated but it sounds like it’s hitting the trends!!

  2. My vintage shop specializes in bridal/special occasion pieces, very “second dress” vibes, so I am always looking for videos that talk about these trends in the bridal industry that focus more on fashion and creativity and not the typical bridal vids so I LOVED this!! Also, Paris pics always amazing!!!

  3. A jump suit is Impractical outside of your home. Why? Because when you go to a PUBLIC bathroom, you must take the whole thing down to go. You are basically naked in there. Plus, that suit is on the floor, which may be dirty. I hate jump suits for this reason. They simply aren’t practical. I’m married now over 34 years. I think Marchesa is pronounced, “ Mar-Kay-sa.” But I could be wrong. I think I heard that name In “ Say Yes To The Dress” at some point.

  4. Did you know that second and third bridal looks have been in the norm in Malaysia/Singapore for decades? And we’re not even as rich as you guys. 😅 I’m quite surprised your part of the world is catching on only now.

  5. I enjoyed this video, i like knowing why i am seeing or making the decisions i am making. You pronounced Marchesa incorrectly, the ch is pronounced like a k. This decision on a wedding dress has been so hard that I'm having one made.

  6. I’m so glad YouTube algorithms brought me to this video. I’m not in a wedding gown hunt at all, but I appreciate so much good quality videos and well done research of trends like this. Usually, many YouTubers go on a hunt of trying things on, that they’re not gonna buy on those appointments and making sells people uncomfortable and also the viewer. Your voice, your poise and input is well done. You deserve more views.

  7. been browsing dresses, and i’ve realized i’m drawn to square necklines, corset bodices, and a ball gown silhouette! so cool to learn that these things are on trend 🙂

    PS a well-fitting corset is supportive, not restrictive to the point where you cant eat or breathe!! shoutout bernadette banner 😉

  8. I'm getting married this September, and I have a big, sparkly, pearly dress for my firsy dress and an all lace Grace-Kelly-inspired dress for my second dress. I'm waiting on a third dress that was purchased online.

  9. I’m trying to find the one shoulder ruffle dress with the big satin bow that you said was in the knot article time stamped at 7:52 it’s the one on the right side of the screen but I can’t find it in the article😭😭😭

  10. I would love to design bridal gowns. Sometimes fits Perfectly And compliments every aspect of the woman,or the bride. Regardless of your body shape some the gowns are wearing them It doesn't bless the woman. But this great is 👍. Each body shaped I think and type has a materials & colors that flatters it and so on.

  11. I came across your channel today while looking for wedding dress videos and ended up subscribing immediately lol.. the way u talk about fashion is so captivating, interesting and never boring.

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