WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING | Lovella Bridal + Ines Di Santo

hey guys! happy new year ♡ it’s been a while.. we’re back to wedding planning and looking for my unrealistic dream dress. my maid of honor, Shelby, and i went to Lovella in Glendale and Viero in Pasadena in this vlog and found some gorgeous options. shoutout to the sweet bridal assistants at both locations for creating a wonderful experience for us. looking forward to even more wedding content soooon. 🙂 what should i vlog next? xx

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20 thoughts on “WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING | Lovella Bridal + Ines Di Santo

  1. Girl, you are not looking at yourself rightly! You looked amazing in every fitted dress and we could discern no difference in your slender, shapely gorgeous figure!

  2. Sweetie, stop pulling those dresses up to your thighs when you walk. You will be wearing that dress all day so you need to be comfortable walking and moving in it. If you can't even walk from the fitting room to the mirror, that's probably not a good choice.

  3. They're all lovely, but be careful of showing just too much flesh and stepping over the line from bridal to brothel. There's a point where it is just no longer classy. And I read you as a classy gal.
    Hope you enjoy your wedding day and can look at your pictures 10 or 20 years from now and regret nothing!

  4. When trying on dresses, your hair should be similar to how you're going to wear it on the day. I see way too many brides fussing way too much to pull their hair around to see features of the back. It's annoying. (Not picking on you specifically)

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