“Wedding cake” from Man Stroke Woman

Sketch comedy from BBC3’s Man Stroke Woman from episode 4 of series 1. Daisy Haggard, Nicholas Burns and Amanda Abbington.


37 thoughts on ““Wedding cake” from Man Stroke Woman

  1. I was about to say thank god I'm gay but knowing me, whoever I end up will want the Wedding Cake
    I can't believe I've done this

  2. So true and they know they can manipulate women into buying it bc society brainwashed them into thinking that they should go into debt for months to years for a 1 day experience in their marriage

  3. Of course the wedding cake is 4 times as expensive as a normal cake: at 1:51 there is a star of david just next to the cake on the blackboard behind the saleswoman.

  4. Thought of a way to beat the system. Buy a large cake, then a medium-sized cake, then a small cake. Then buy the supports separately and you've got a tiered cake!

    Also who would pay that much for a cake? I bought a cake from Morrisons for £5 once and it was lush

  5. I was going to say, just get a small cake, not even a tier cake…or maybe a small 2 tier cake for you and your future husband to cut, and then just get a big ol' plain sheet cake for the guest, or even cupcakes.

    But seeing how your comment was 2 years ago I'm pretty sure the wedding is done, honeymoon over and pretty soon a baby will show up.


    how was the reception?

  6. I make cake for a living and i hate it other bakers charge more for a wedding cake when its the same thing and a regular cake for wrong. Love the video though very funny

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