The BEST wedding planning resource

21 thoughts on “The BEST wedding planning resource

  1. Lol….I adore your content I ALL aspects. Even if it's not up my nieces alley (she's the one getting married) I still watch them all. Love your sense of humor!

  2. I'll have a non western wedding so all of those are unnecessary
    But damn girl, all of that efforts and for free???!!!
    We got a fucking giga chad here

  3. When you said “and a lot else planned” I 100% heard, “and a live house plant.” I was like, interesting flex, but also teach me your ways.

  4. Quick question, what ages are appropriate for certain wedding roles (flower girl, bridesmaids, ect.) in a wedding? Are there any roles for young teens? What about older adults that are still important to the bride and groom?

  5. I don't even have a boyfriend but I'm subscribed to you. Taking all this information with me so I know what to do when I finally get engaged 😂

  6. I don't have plans to get married or even be in a relationship but I like your videos about wedding planning.❤️ And definitely, going to use that to help plan a wedding for my best friends in the future. ✨

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