Small Wedding Venues Melbourne: The Top 10

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Here are ten awesome Small Wedding Venues in Melbourne. To see the full top 20 small wedding venues in Melbourne, from warehouse, to art-deco and everything in between, read on and click the link at the bottom to see the post.

Best Small Wedding Venues in Melbourne (no order):

1: The Altar Electric
The Altar Electric get’s mentioned first as it’s our original homage to the classic vegas chapel. Small shotgun weddings, to larger groups of 50, and everything in between in the heart of Collingwood.

2: I Do Drive Thru
Less of a small wedding venue, and more of a small wedding planning service, I Do Drive Thru let you get married anywhere you can imagine, as quickly as you’d like. In and out.

3: Rupert on Rupert
Rupert on Rupert is one of the best wedding venues in Melbourne, with brilliant warehouse styling. See them also on my post about the most unique wedding venues in Melbourne here (

4: Two Ton Max
Two Ton Max is an iconic warehouse wedding venue in North Melbourne. With a history as an industrial warehouse, it now houses small weddings in Melbourne every weekend.

5: Kenny Lover
Kenny Lover isn’t a wedding venue, but that doesn’t stop heaps of couples stopping by on their wedding day, and they have also been known to host a wedding for a good cause. Incredible inimitable styling.

6: Glasshaus
Glasshaus is a pair of small weddings in the inner city of Melbourne. Walk from Glasshaus inside to Glasshaus outside.

7: Picnic Styling Co
Picnic styling co aren’t a small wedding venue, but like I Do Drive Thru, they’ll ensure you have a cracking wedding lunch or dinner with your family and friends. Picnic Styling Co turn up, set up, let you party on, and then they pack it all down for you. Minimum fuss.

8: Gather and Tailor
Gather and Tailor is run by the legends at Nudo, so not only do you get the most incredible small warehouse wedding venue in the inner city, but you get the best wedding planning team on the planet, right here at home in Melbourne.

9: Melbourne Town Hall
Melbourne town hall has incredible art deco styling, and, where else can you get yourself a portrait of the Queen by Polly Borland herself. A brilliant choice for a small wedding venue that’s outdoors and also shielded from the rain.

10: Brunswick Mess Hall
Brunswick Mess Hall might have the most incredible gritty interior i’ve seen. Classy restaurant by day, small wedding anarchy room by night. Brilliant.

So that’s a roundup of ten awesome small wedding venues in Melbourne. To See my full list, head to the blog post here: