SHEIN DRESSES TRY ON HAUL | prom, weddings, date night ❤️

10 dresses perfect for prom, weddings, or the grocery store! SHEIN DISCOUNT CODE 15KERINA
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5’7″ or 170cm tall / 36″-26″-36″
leg inseam: 78cm/30.7″
mid thigh: 48cm/18.8″


0:00 links in the description!
necklace / earrings
sit down outfit
grey crop top (M $7)
white maxi skirt (Tall XS $25)

0:48 dress 1
white ruched lace dress (XS $20.49)

3:28 dress 2
blue lace dress (XS $20.49)

4:37 dress 3
pink dress with flower (XS $20)

5:33 dress 4
chicken breast sticky bra ( $7)
sticky bra ( $4.49)
white ruffle dress (XS $23.49)

6:28 dress 5
white pink dress (XS $15)

7:45 dress 6
yellow dress (XS $18.99)

9:01 dress 7
purple dress (XS $17.49)

10:14 dress 8
baby blue gown dress (XS $28)

11:30 dress 9
green long gown dress (XS $24)
clothes sticker ( $1)

13:18 dress 10
pink long dress (XS $31)

perv proof safety shorts:
black shorts with pockets (xs $18)
nude shorts ( $5.99)

heels I love with dresses:
white heels (xs $54)
rhinestone heels (7 $60)
metallic pumps (CN39 $25.4)
mesh polkadot heels (EUR39 $30)

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47 thoughts on “SHEIN DRESSES TRY ON HAUL | prom, weddings, date night ❤️

  1. most of the dresses I bought from shein, though dresses that are more of summer feels, I wore them when going grocery and sunday church, I feel super feminine and that feels good.

  2. I was looking at the yellow dress on Shein and didn't get it because I thought the top half only looked good with girls that actually had boobs. It emphasizes that area and it had look see-through from the reviews

  3. No did we not get smart and not shop on shein anymore like girl fr, "Hot girls don`t buy from shein" PERIOD.

  4. That second dress that comes in a variety colors would make a cute Disney princess base costume! I definitely see bell (Yellow)… The blue is definitely giving me Alice in wonderland vibes

  5. I love how we’re the same height so I don’t have to do crazy mental conversions every time I want to decide what size to get lol

  6. I’m literally always praying that someone will randomly invite me to their wedding KAKDKAS I WANT TO GO SO BAD I DONT CARE WHOS GETTING MARRIED

  7. tysm for this video, you don't know how much it has helped me haha. if it isnt too much of a bother, could you review prom dresses from temu? especially since i've heaard they are a lot more affordable than shein, im wondering if that deduces the quality! thanks for ur honest and helpful reviews!

  8. Kerinaaaa! I need more wedding guest dresses because I have so many weddings! Please do more reviews with a variety of styles! Thank you.

  9. I'm gonna be a bridesmaid next month and my friend wants us to wear a satin dusty/baby pink dress and I was eyeing the last 2 dresses and they look gorgeous! Thank you

  10. The pink dress is really beautiful but it opens way too up 😅 it’s not even a lateral opening (?) but it’s right in the front 😂

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