planning a micro wedding under $8k | where we splurged & saved | wedding planning 2022

We got married!! Here’s everything we did for our 15-guest micro wedding in Toronto, including a cost breakdown of what we splurged on and what we skipped altogether. There’s no right way to do a wedding since everyone has different budgets and non-negotiables – we went with the route that was least stressful for us! 🙂

1:39 – wedding video & recap
3:34 – things we spent more on (and why)
10:46 – things we spend less on or skipped
14:34 – quick random thoughts on rose inc makeup

– Venue – Preto Loft in Toronto:
– Photographer – Justin Joo (and videographer Grace Choi- they were AMAZING):
– Photographer – Jessilynn Wong (our entire wedding was inspired by her photos!)
– my dress (JJ’s House):
– my veil (JJ’s House):
– Florist – Flowers by CC:
– Officiant – All Seasons Weddings:
– Marben Restaurant (Toronto):
– Shoes – Vince Camuto:
– Earrings – Ana Luisa (sold out, but they have other cute pairs with pearls!)
– Dyson Air Wrap (amazing but very priceyyy)
– Rose inc luminous skin tint (shade 20)
– Rose inc tinted brow gel (shade 4)
– Merit lip oil (shade cara cara)

– Makeup haul for the wedding:
– Wedding planning series PART 1:
– Wedding planning series PART 2:

CODES/LINKS for brands I love
→ farmacy skincare (NICESKINDAYS20 for 20% off) –
→ consonant skincare (NICESKINDAYS for 10% off) –
→ merit

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Thumbnail art created on Canva:
Music by Epidemic Sound.

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23 thoughts on “planning a micro wedding under $8k | where we splurged & saved | wedding planning 2022

  1. When I got engaged, my family did not understand that one of the only ways to have a wedding 10K or under like this is to have an extremely low guest count!
    Our cost is going to be closer to the national average, but we’re planning on about 90 guests. But I feel good about some deals we are getting so far, like our photography is going to be about the same as this bride but for like 6 hours of work.

    It’s next year! So I still have to buy the dress and make a lot of the choices.

  2. I love that you didn't have a traditional reception, we are not dancer and this sounds perfect!!! How did you mention to you family there wouldn't be any dancing? thank you for sharing your beautiful wedding

  3. Thank you so much for this. This video brought happy tears to my eyes. My fiancé and I are currently planning a wedding for August ‘23, and I have been so miserable. We are both introverts, and I have been begging him for something small and intimate. It’s to the point where we are too busy trying to satisfy everyone else’s wants but our own. I explained to him last night that I would like to cancel our venue for 80 and have a small quiet wedding (similar to yours). I don’t have a good relationship with my parents, which in turn cut out most of my guests. I also don’t want us to pay for people I wouldn’t truly want there. We are about to lose our fat deposit, but better than stressing over a $30,000 show. You made me feel so much more balanced. Thank you 😭.

  4. Hi hope it isn’t too late to say congratulations to you. I’m really like your idea of the floral frame. Where you get frame from?

  5. So glad your video popped up on my feed! My fiancé and I also got engaged in Nov 2020. After changing our minds numerous times we’ve decided to do a small ceremony/dinner with immediate family on a Wednesday in October. We’re currently planning and this was so helpful!

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