Mother In Law Takes Over Wedding Planning, Including The Dress! | In Law Wedding Wars | Only Human

A happy couple must hand over total control of their wedding plans to one of their mothers, who will go head to head to win the chance to plan their son or daughter’s wedding.

Desiree and Matt are a fun-loving couple who prove opposites attract and after five years of dating, they’re ready to tie the knot.

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From: In Law Wedding S1 E3

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19 thoughts on “Mother In Law Takes Over Wedding Planning, Including The Dress! | In Law Wedding Wars | Only Human

  1. I could not cope with a mother in law who thinks she is the boss all the time. I just wouldn’t stand for it at all. There’s a true story of a mother in law who controlled her sons family and ended up breaking up their marriage and murdering the daughter in law. Nobody believed the daughter in law when she went to the police. Such a sad story.

  2. Good LORD that MOB is insane. Who told her she was "klassy"?? Her concept 🤮 "no no no!!! It needs to be eggplant!!! Purple is royalty" 🙄

  3. The grooms mother's dress was WAY ABOVE the brides mother's outfit. I hope at some point in life the bride's mother gets over her snooty control issues!! She could learn A LOT from the groom's mom who is down to Earth, yet elegant!! The groom's mother has TRUE class, not plastic, pretentious like the bride's mother!!!!

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