Jewelry Experts Guess The Cost Of Diamond Engagement Rings

Jewelry appraisers Peter and Lisa have just a few minutes to put their expertise to the test to figure out the price of these diamond rings.

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24 thoughts on “Jewelry Experts Guess The Cost Of Diamond Engagement Rings

  1. Found your post interesting to watch. I can't wait to see your new videos soon. Good Luck with the upcoming update. This YouTube channel is really very informative and effective.

  2. Why the heck are the two appraisers so dissimilar??? They aren’t even in the same ballpark. It’s hard to take either of them seriously. I’d choose Peters appraisal though for insurance purposes.

  3. Amazing, none of them were right!

    What is the As Is video meant to showcase besides rambling on's by two people who don't quite understand gemstones. It isn't just about measuring, or naming the diana, princess, palaquin, emerald, or other cut. There is so much more to the process. All that guy did was try to sound smarter by using words none of them knew. There wasn't any satisfying result.

  4. I have my own stones my own gold and my own design . I can't find a jeweler to make it for me to save my life. And it's making me sad! Btw my own cut stones. I all need is a casting made and then to be set!!!! And I'm sad 😔.

  5. What happened if I look at the side of the diamond on the💍 ring it is not clear it is not shining 🌟? Is it show that fake or real?

  6. I’m confused as to why there isn’t any consistency in the appraisals. In the audit world this would be a major red flag for materiality. Things don’t match up.

  7. I would never, ever get an SI diamond for a central stone, only for paves. Go for the best quality you can, with as few inclusions as you can afford. Get the best – SI's don't make it!

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