How I Became a Successful Event Decorator | From Wedding Planner to Event Decor

Hey guys! In this video I’ll be telling you about my my personal journey- how I started off as a wedding planner and slowly transitioned into running my own successful event decorating business!

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20 thoughts on “How I Became a Successful Event Decorator | From Wedding Planner to Event Decor

  1. I'm currently a student at the QC school for Event Wedding Planning and specialization in Event Decor. I realize I may not have needed certification, but I feel like it was personally the best route for me with most of my professional background being education. I love your videos and you have gained a new subscriber!!!

  2. Question, when you decorate these events do you stay at the party until it's over? I just hired a decorator for the 1st time and she keeps talking about how she can't wait to party with us is this normal?

  3. So inspiring! Just set up my first event in November, 2nd Customer ever just booked me last week! Super excited for this Journey. All of my decor I also made from scratch and used the help of family ❤️

  4. All the way in SA🇿🇦…would love to learn more about the decor business cause I want to start my own…really am creative and this has always been a life long dream of mine. Looking forward to learning from you. Thank you for the content 🙏

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