FUTURE BRIDES: 7 Tips For Wedding Planning That Will Save You Stress (& Money!)

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0:00 How’s Married Life
1:20 Guests
3:58 Surprises
6:05 Do Your Googles
7:11 Cost & Priorities
12:47 Planning Difficulties
14:37 Your Support System
15:48 Difficulties
24:41 Live Q&A

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Video Filmed & Edited : @ozbaydesign
Wedding Day Videography: @GtrulyTV
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FUTURE BRIDES: 7 Tips For Wedding Planning That Will Save You Stress (& Money!)
Wedding Planning: Lessons Learned That You Should KNOW | Budget, Disappointments, LIVE Q & A
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FUTURE BRIDES MUST WATCH THIS! 7 Must-Know Tips for Wedding Planning| | Budget, Disappointments


48 thoughts on “FUTURE BRIDES: 7 Tips For Wedding Planning That Will Save You Stress (& Money!)

  1. The Wedding Series Sequel 1 is here! My husband and I share our lessons learned from wedding planning. In the comments please do carry on the conversation so that current and upcoming brides can us this as source of tips. Please keep all comments section respectful! Much Love Mrs.O

  2. This wedding series was beautifully done 🥰 You can tell that you both enjoyed the day and were filled with peace, in spite of the hiccups along the way. You both looked great but LYDIA. That wedding gown and the evening dress. Kai! Thank you for sharing this journey and the intricacies of wedding planning, so helpful. Happy married life to you guys 🎉

  3. I loved every minute of this video, including the setup. It’s so evident of your love and warmth for each other. Melanin couple skin on fleek!😍
    Lydia you will always be my favourite content creator. May God continue to bless your marriage. ❤

  4. I love what your friend said about getting married: “when you agreeing to marry somebody you’re agreeing to spend the rest of your life with that person who’s had a whole life before meeting each other. So it’s important have counseling to get you both on the same page (shape the path)” 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽❤❤ this is hands down my favorite part of the video 🥲
    Oh how I miss watching this, finally I get to catch up with you Lydia. I’ve really missed watching you 🫶🏽

  5. Ahhh never though I’d hear Lydia say “take pics but not too many.” 😂😂😂 You raise an important point though. Don’t get carried away with pics and miss the party.
    Thank you for this video. It’s gold!

  6. I loved the fact you made a pact to spend the entire day together. I’m very clingy and I always hyperventilate and get anxious when I’m out with my partner and they leave me 😭😭😭
    Congratulations Lydia 🎉❤

  7. I like that Damini loves God. He will hold the fort for your family. Also congratulations Lydia and Damini! I was shocked that the nyombo needs to be done, since you've done the main one already. I'm also luo and they legit confuse me lol

  8. I am sorry , but am I the only one who heard Lydia’ husband say praise God literally for 44 minute 😂 like I thought I was bad with saying do you know what I mean

  9. Thank you so much Lydia for this series!!!! Loved every minute of it and everything about the production❤️❤️ and as a recent bride everything you both mentioned here FACTSSSSS!!!!

  10. Black love series needs to go across the pond! I would love to see you two on the show. What I love the most about the two of you is your adoration for GOD. Having him in the center of your marriage is sooo important. My husband and I pray together every morning and we aren’t ashamed to be a witness and speak of the goodness of GOD. He will be the backbone and glue that’ll keep us grounded and married for life.

  11. Beautiful series and people. I got married last month and my husband and I decided to have a small civil wedding of 20 people. We rented out a private room in a restaurant. Literally the best day of my life. I had a few people upset that they weren’t invited but at the end of the day like your hubby said, getting married was our main priority. I wouldn’t change what we decided to do! Married life is sweet oh and people definitely take us more seriously and you can feel and see the respect.

  12. This is so lovely to see guys! Never mind us grown folks who you have as an audience we need your young man speaking to our young men about purposeful dating etc! My son will be signed up ASAP !😃

  13. Mrs. O your make-up is so stunning! It just enhances your pretty, brown skin.

    I love how involved Damini was in the planning and how you sat calmly back and listened to him talk. Such love & respect for his thoughts.

    The two of you have truly been joined together by the Lord. As Damini kept proclaiming, “Praise God”! ❤️

  14. Omg! I love this. As a wedding planner myself you are speaking the truth! Please guys in the comments listen to them. All of these points are so important. So Happy for you guys! To many many more blessings.

  15. Lydia I really enjoyed this…. ALWAYS KEEPING IT REAL…. Therapy talk Damini is absolutely right, like for real everyone has there life they’ve lived before that advise it’s 10/10.

    Lydia Private story’s??? I wanna be gang lol I’m joking but yea love love love this video✨✨❤️🙏🏽 P.S love that he is a man of GOD, very refreshing and I’m glad your in safe hands 🙌🏽 ✨✨✨

  16. Lydia and you're very handsome husband thank you Lydia for allowing me to be in this interview with you guys yes some of the stuff can be overwhelming I understand I married my husband from Legos Nigeria I went to the country and married him instead of the US and yes he is a yerba so it's really good to see that you are married to that trial because that's who my husband is and that's his trial thank you guys like I said before no weapon formed against you should prosper this marriage will last forever until one of you won't be here or both of you will go together Jesus love you guys stay safe always have an understanding with each other when argument starts apart from each other for a second then sit down and talk trust me it helps in my marriage sometimes it's not always that way but it helps thank you again looking forward to seeing you guys next level of beautiful lives 🤵🏿👰🏿‍♀️👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼❣️💗🌹🌹🌹🦋🌷🌷🌷

  17. I love that yall kept the honeymoon to yourself because technically the wedding even is something special and personal precious moment.. so we really appreciate you sharing that with us🥹🥹 37:37 I was in the livee and that was my question🤎 Wishing yall a blessed marriage ✨

  18. In the Luo culture, all the marital requirements must be met and rituals performed before your marriage is confirmed. Culturally Ms. L. Dinga isn't considered married yet 🤣🤣 but we are here to congratulate you both in advance my lovely people 👌🎉🎊

  19. This is beautiful✨. Love how Damini keeps saying "praise God" 😄. Yesss Jaber looking forward to the 🇰🇪 wedo. Happy and Blessed marriage life🙏🏾❤️. Stay smiling😄.

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