Dollar Tree DIY Wedding Centerpieces | Elegant and CHEAP!

Hey Friends! Thank you so much for checking out my first video 🙂 Sorry that I talked for like 10 years, I’m just passionate about wedding centerpieces I guess lol! As much as I could find on the Dollar Tree website, I linked below! So please check that out and enjoy! xoxo Kristen

9 inch cylinder vase:
7.25 inch cylinder vase:
4 inch cylinder vase:
Long Stem Tealights:
Set of 3 Tealights:
floating candles: not online
2.75 inch pillar candle:
8 inch prayer pillar candle:
Floating Picture Frame:

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49 thoughts on “Dollar Tree DIY Wedding Centerpieces | Elegant and CHEAP!

  1. Girl you are a godsend! My fiancé and I are getting married in September and we are on a tight budget. I can’t believe how high end these looked for a fraction of the price. Had to subscribe. Thank you so much for sharing! ❤

  2. Thank you for showing different setups for all budgets and the look of the centerpiece with the more or less candles and greenery. This actually helped me SO much! Thank you!!

  3. I've worked as a floral designer, but now I'm an incomplete quadraplegic and trying to help my son and daughter in law with everything. 7 bridesmaids, 7 groomsmen, 8 boquet's, 11 boutineer's, 10 centerpieces, and either a wristlet or corsage for the mom. All by May 28th of this year. I have been sending your videos to them . Great work!

  4. I want to see more! I'm planning my daughter's sweet 16 for November 2022 so these are so beautiful I could even do this for her sweet 16 and just had purple Daisy's since her name is Daisy and she loves purple. Where are the new videos. I was looking for more.

  5. That eucalyptus isn’t prime and fresh. – from a florist. We charge our prices because we get premium quality and specific quantity that we are factually able to source on needed dates. We also have to condition flowers to make sure they open properly. You can’t rely that Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods will have the amount you need on your date. And I can tell you their stuff doesn’t compare to a professional florists flowers. Their more expensive because they are nicer, sturdier, bigger. Smart but florists have a important place that unprofessionals don’t understand but knock.

  6. Saving these to my wedding excel sheet! I have wine bottles that I am going to put dainty string lights in. It's a woodsy venue with a lot of natural wood beams. Going to be using mullberry, burgundy, and creamy florals, Thank you for this!!

  7. (: DT has increased their prices to $1.25 and $1.50 … It is still not alot, but it adds up … 😢 Stockholders in today's world are so greedy … They "pushed" for the increase, and eventually will want more!!!!! Inflation has affected everything, and so adjustments were needed too, but we are still in a pandemia where people are still not working!!!!! … 😢
    The end of this year will be a measure of how things are!!!!!
    (: Blessings … 😚

  8. This is great, i thought I was going to want to wait a couple years to get married but we changed our minds, so 7 months from now I have to have everything planned and ready. This is very helpful no will still look beautiful

  9. Love your regular channel and was so happy when I stumbled across this video and was like hey it’s Kristen! I’m getting married next year so this may come in handy🤍🤍🤍

  10. That last table centerpiece for the long table gave me the idea for my vow renewal table centerpiece. I love this video and it gave me so many different ideas. Thank you so much

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