Bride’s Mum Spends Over $15,000 On Wedding Invitations! | Say Yes To The Dress: The Big Day

Bride Sheena asks her mum to organise her dream Indian wedding. With an unlimited budget, nothing is too expensive for this elegant ceremony!

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50 thoughts on “Bride’s Mum Spends Over $15,000 On Wedding Invitations! | Say Yes To The Dress: The Big Day

  1. The Indian culture is so different from the western and most families who celebrate like this are very rich ! So she doesn’t need to worry about her future
    The bride and groom looked fabulous

  2. Mamma did phenomenal job👏🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 but why so much spending seems like she spent her entire life saving and retirement on this weeding..better to give that amount of money to bride and groom to buy a house or do a business or save for their’s just human habit of showing off wealth is not good or healthy for society

  3. The daughter wanted her mother with her while she was getting ready, but the mom was away for HOURS micromanaging the team setting up the ballroom. The wedding is about the bride and groom…I feel like the mom cared so much about how everything looked, she forgot to realize that her daughter (THE BRIDE) should be her focus. Like instead of the bride stressing about how to put on her jewelry/ how her hair looked, the mom could have been there calming her daughter and making sure her makeup/hair were perfect. Clearly her daughter appreciates her suggestions and taste. Getting ready is such a special bonding time. I feel the daughter missed out.

  4. It's an Indian family and Indian culture is way different than western culture.
    Our family systems are poles apart.
    It must be amusing for you but in India and I guess in many Asian countries, parents finance everything for their children.. be it their education, or marriage.
    We of course become INDEPENDENT of financial help when we start earning but after we start earning, still, parents LOVE to spend money on their children. It's very common to help children but property, cars or anything.. and parents never ask for that spent money back.
    They can spend on their children anytime for anything even if their children are old themselves.
    We live together, we don't separate.
    There are a lot of cultural differences. Stark differences.

  5. Ngl it's a beautiful wedding. But why do all the Indians living outside the country wear the most hideous Indian outfits 🥲. Like c'mon dude you have the money. Go for something nicer 😭.

  6. I am a practical woman and will not spend a lot for an event and am not into events that much as an introvert. That being said, I do enjoy seeing such display of pageantry in any traditional events like weddings.

  7. The Mom Complains about her daughter’s white dress being a little see through but makes her daughter wear a “traditional lehenga” with a crop top that reveals her entire belly area 😂

  8. This is how South Asian weddings are done besides the wedding dresses and what the bride wants to buy for herself (as she gets an entire new wardrobe plus furniture and other stuff) the decor, the venue and the menu are all decided by the parents of the bride and the groom.

  9. It's not about the money really. She has full trust in her mother and the bride is gorgeous and very nice. The mother loves her daughter dearly. And the daughter loves the mother alot❤

  10. I’m half Indian, half Swedish. My bf is French. Can’t wait to incorporate both of our cultures and backgrounds into our wedding ❤️❤️

  11. Gastan dinero en una boda que a ninguno de los invitados les va a gustar, van a criticar desde las invitaciones, el vestido, el maquillaje, el traje del novio, el salón, el menú, la música, etc
    15 mil dólares solo la invitación más lo que cuesta el vestido fácil te alcanza para una mejor casa (en renta o hasta propia)

  12. one of my friend's sister's wedding invitations was basically this beautiful case popup card, when opened , you would see compartments full of dry fruits. Easily one of the most beautiful and probably more expensive than the one shown. In Indian weddings the family goes all out on everything. General indian weddings are far more expensive than general western weddings due to the sheer amount of guests and how long it typically lasts with every ceremony. The whole family is very involved. Even though its the bride that gets married, marriage is seen as a union of families. It's in our culture to be considerate of everyone's opinions, especially parents, and more than often you would see that it's not an absolute choice but a compromise.
    That does not mean that the daughter is any less happy, certain things such as choice in a dress is not a yardstick to measure a relationship .
    I believe that we should not put ourselves in another's situation and assume that the person is probably feeling the same as you would. We are from different cultures and instead of comparing it to your own you should appreciate and understand the difference.

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