A WEDDING RING Trailer (2021) Lauren Lee Smith Romance Movie

A WEDDING RING Trailer (2021) Lauren Lee Smith, Dillon Casey Romance Movie
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29 thoughts on “A WEDDING RING Trailer (2021) Lauren Lee Smith Romance Movie

  1. These two have zero chemistry. This movie comes across like they put together a formulated puzzle…lacks connection. It doesn't draw the audience in.

  2. Lol…read your take before the clip…you were spot on…a micro movie…only had two handfulls of popcorn, then head for the exits🤣🤣🤣

  3. I’d be slightly annoyed if my date poured a pound of flour on me while making dinner. Like, cool, now we have to clean all this shit up.

  4. What is the deal lately with putting the WHOLE movie in a trailer? I don't need to waste 2 hrs watching it when I see the whole thing in 2 minutes.

  5. I thought the ex-boyfriend would accidently introduce her to her actual forever love because he is far too sleazy and slimy to be cast as her real love interest.

  6. Lol. Most times I want to know what happens and mostly that does not spoil anything for me. It is the comments section that helps me decide whether I watch the movies the majority of time anyway.

  7. Wow, pretty impressive, a film composed entirely of cotton candy and snuggly puppies. I wonder what planet (or deluded brain, for that matter) this piece of mindless fluff exists-

  8. I know everyone says the trailer is the movie but In this case the editor really wanted to avoid ANY views on the actual movie !!! Who approved this ???? It’s the WHOLE movie !!! (?!?)

  9. The producers should start by firing their trailer editors. This is a sure-shot way of making it sure NO one watches your movie cause the trailer left nothing to be seen. Feel bad for the actors and the team behind all the hard work. Shows just because you (read marketing team) are in the business doesn't mean you are good at it…

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