2021’s Best Wedding Venues in Prague by wedding experts | Wedding in Prague Series 1, Episode 1

So you decided to have your wedding in Prague and started planning everything: wedding venue, photographer, wedding planner, videographer and so on. One of the main things you have to choose is the best location for your wedding from many different wedding venues in Prague.

So, I shot the video where the best wedding experts (in my opinion) give you the top tips for wedding locations in Prague. They’ll also tell you the reason they think it’s the best location.

Also don’t forget to read my blog post about the best and worst wedding venues in Prague for the year 2021, where you find the list of the locations mentioned in this video, also some bonus wedding venues for your wedding in Prague.
Here is the link: https://otash-uz.com/best-and-worst-wedding-venues-in-prague-by-wedding-experts/

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Wedding video footage used in this video also shot by me: Otabek Djuraev, otash-uz videography. https://otash-uz.com

Wedding photos shot by Evgeniya Ovsyannikova and Roman Lutkov.

Wedding Experts:
Andrea Hanusova
Wedding Planner | http://exclusiveweddingsinprague.com

Evgeniya Ovsyannikova
Wedding photographer | https://ovsyannikova.com

Otabek Djuraev
Wedding videographer | https://otash-uz.com

Konstantin Novikov
Wedding host | http://novikovk.eu/

Sergio Bertolucci
Professional DJ | https://www.bertolucci-sound.com

Video shot in the beautiful location Endorfin. Great place for your event.
Check out their website: https://endorfin.cz/en/endorfin-2/

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