10 Essential Wedding Planning Tips from a Wedding Planner

Planning tips and hacks for brides that will make your process SO much easier | What I learned from being a wedding planner

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I have been a financial analyst, a wedding planner, a maid of honor AND a bride myself, so I have seen weddings thing from like every angle at this point. I wanted to put together one video with the best tips I have discovered through all of my different roles – so here it is, the best I’ve got!

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Let me know if these are helpful by giving this video a thumbs up! Also, I would LOVE to hear from you girls in the comments – what kind of content do you want to see more of? What questions do you have?

Happy Planning!
xo Kyle James

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30 thoughts on “10 Essential Wedding Planning Tips from a Wedding Planner

  1. If I had the money I would make a person like yourself my planner because you’re so honest ❤😊
    Thank you! Btw you look like a doll!!

  2. I purchased your Complete Maid of Honor Manual and Workbook a few months back, easily adapted it for my best friend's Bachelor Party and used it front -> back, and WOW you gave me so many insights I wouldn't have thought of. Legit not-spam, the workbook is a wonderful guide and I'm about to use the Wedding Day duties & Checklist and it is coming in soooo clutch! All the fellas were clownin on me for being overly-prepared and scheduled for the Bachelor Party, buuut it kept 17 people (I know, I know) organized in Vegas and became a running joke over the weekend of "What's Drew's planner say for the next event?" LOL – Thank YOU!

  3. All these tips were so helpful and interesting. My wedding will be here in 3 months and I am still in the process of planning it. I will definitely use these tips and may even watch this video again. Thank you ! 🌷

  4. Verify extra bathrooms, extra toilet paper, Parking and refrigerators, Air-conditioning, ice makers, set up and cleanup included in the hall.

  5. Limit guest count, avoid acquaintances and plus ones for unmarried people. You don't want strangers unless you have the security and budget for extra people.
    The guest count will mess up your budget and take money away from all your favorite decorations and cake preferences.

  6. Plucking 100's of flowers and having those as confetti would be cool. They kinda float slowly, maybe some loose flower petals as well. Maybe have drone drop flowers is a release bag or something idk

  7. Thank you so much!! This is super helpful! We’re planning our December 2021 wedding right now and I’m so glad I found you! Subscribed and ready to binge your videos!! 🥰💕💕

  8. This is suuuuch good advice. Our first venue was pretty dope and we were feeling the excitement, but I made sure to walk away and really think about it. And budget wise, it is noooooot a good choice! So glad we stepped back before letting emotions take over!

  9. I'm so happy I found your channel! I'm beginning to plan my second wedding (we just had a civil one last year because of COVID). I agree with tip #8. something I can add on: if your fiance doesn't want to participate in the wedding planning, have them take care of the legal things: finding the officiant, handling the marriage license, etc. Trust me, it's a HUGE help! 🙂

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